Avitus Session - July 13, 2003

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Number One (Will You) © 2003 Avitus (New version, now with Vocals!!!)

Number Two © 2003 Avitus

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Avitus - Session notes – July 13, 2003

The purpose of this recording session was to create mixes of the instrumental portions of two songs so that Avitus could send them to prospective singers to rehearse with before an audition. There is no intent to actually use these tracks for a musical release. Please bear that in mind when you listen. This is not an excuse to allow compromise, only an explanation. The songs may indeed be changed before any release. So don't whine. The songs are copyrighted.

The posting here right now is the first, rough-mix of the tunes. (If they’re both here by now). The pics give me some reminders about how I recorded the audio just in case we need to set it all up again.

The kit was mic’d with a Sure SM57 on the snare located between the hi-tom and the hi-hat pointed just slightly lower than parallel with the snare head about 1 inch from the outside edge of the rim. Carl placed small swatches of duct tape on the drum head to reduce the ringing somewhat. But in general I like the snare sound. Reminds me a little of a RH Chili Pepper snare sound.

Each of the rack toms was mic’d with a 57 pointed downward at the head about 1 inch inside the rim. I think I'd point them more toward the center of the head next time.

The Kick was mic’d with an AKG D112 shoved into the sound hole about ½ of the mics body length. I might try pulling it out a little further the next time. We did not mic the kick head at all. I will add that mic the on the next session. I had a tough time EQing a little snap into the kick.

The overhead mic was located over Carl’s left shoulder and pointed at about a 45 degree angle. This seemed to pick up the Hi-hat really well. Overall the CAD E-100 sounded great. It’s mid-size condenser that continues to surprise me.

I put a 57 on the guitar cabinet’s upper right hand cone (facing the speaker). It was pointing at right angles to the face about 1 and ½ inches inside the cone. I put the rig in the little office next to the studio to isolate it.

The bass was recorded using a DI. The Ramsa and the PT mixers were used sans-EQ for tracking.

Carl, Sean and Matt all listened to the bass and guitar tracks via headphones. The drum kit was not fed into the cue at all. (No need, Carl plays Loud!)

We recorded no vocals on this session.

I played around for a couple of minutes with an intro for the Bass track. Might stay, might not.

For the rough mix, I bussed a 'verb and a delay. I compressed some of the tracks and added sparse EQ. I also quickly cut the tom-tom wave forms down to only the neecssary parts.

We O'Dubbed a second take on the ending. I haven't fixed the glitches yet. Don't yell at me. And yes I know there are a couple of bass guitar and kick drum parts that need to be... ah... er... "re-timed." (Yeah, that's the ticket).



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