The Love Broke Through Project

Okay Keaggy listers...

I threw out the challenge to all of you home studio persons to take the Phil and Randy live version of Your Love Broke Through and produce your own version.

Well I took a couple of hours today and got started.

I grabbed the mp3 and placed it on a track in my ProTools rig. Then I created a tempo map so I'd have fairly accurate bars and beats. That took a long time because their meter on this one isn't the best. It varies between 116 and 124 bpms.

Once that was done, I laid in a basic drum track. It still needs LOTs of work there are mis-beats and missed beats and inconsistent velocities and all sorts of other trouble. But my goal was to get a complete ensemble of instruments, then go back and fix things after I hear how they all "sit" together.

I like to work that way when I work alone. Once I have a complete production, I'll know a bit more about what to change in each individual part. If I'm working with several people I don't have the luxury of throwing out something, calling the player back and having another go.

Next I added the Wurlitzer piano part, then the bass.

The Wurlitzer is a voice on my Yamaha S80 keyboard. The bass is a Pedulla Rapture direct into a Urei compresser for some light limiting and then into the PT rig.

I'll work on it a little more when I have time, so don't bust my chops too much yet.

If you want to drop me a note with a suggestion or a comment, fire away!


The Randy, Phil and Me! version. (so far).


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