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Instruction Sites Interactive lessons, reviews, interviews and information. Information about basses and bass playing with tons of links and definitions. The site has links to article about many famous and influential bassists. Victor uses Real Audio clips and QuickTime movies to get you going on thumbing, popping, hammers and pulls. Easy lessons too. If you want to learn slap and pull techniques check out this site. Awesome lessons from Tuning and on. Lessons, tips, tricks, user submitted lessons and interviews. The name says it all. Simple reading. Good basic lessons. Free. Lots of guitar, but some bass resources



Music Stores bass lesson books Bass lesson resources

Elderly Instruments Elderly Instruments
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Guitar Center - The Nation's Largest Musical Instrument Retailer
Selling guitars , basses, amps, accessories, keyboards, software and MIDI, recording, pro audio ...


Newsgroups Brand New Group! Be the first in your church to join! Discuss issues relating to playing in a worship/praise team/band.


Come here to post your opinions on Christian worship music and to share tabs and sheet music!

CHURCH-MUSIC-DISCUSS is a mailing list for church music directors and worship leaders who wish to enter into discussions and express various opinions about church music. Debate, while kept in good taste and without personal attacks is permitted.

CHURCH-MUSIC is a mailing list for church music directors and worship leaders. You may discuss various topics relating to church music, search for an out-of-print anthem or solo, ask opinions about sound equipment, software, etc.