What's Going On Here?

Okay. If you found this page you must be curious about the music and video projects we do.

Keep in mind a couple of things as you browse through the site.

Just so you know: I post this stuff here basically for my own use. The site has no entries in any search engines and I don’t want it to have any right now. The pics and notes posted here are for my use and the use of the people I record or otherwise work with.

This page is a great way for me to keep some notes about sessions and what-not. But only a few things that I do ever get mentioned here. (Actually, I'm just playing with this HTML thing with Dreamweaver).

I don’t mind you being here at all. You are welcome to listen to the tunes, use my links and look at the pics. If you want to send me your opinion via email you can. I reserve the privilege of responding or not responding as suits my mood. This isn’t to say that I don’t like you or don’t think your opinion is good. It only means that I’m focused on something else for the time being. Which in turn means that by the time I’m not focused on something else, I will most likely have forgotten to respond. Don't take it personally. Please!

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