Here's a view of the edit desk.

I edit both audio and video at this workstation.

I use the little Mackie 1202 as a monitoring mixer. The patchbay is half-normalled so I can send an output to both the mackie and/or the Ramsa 8844 (see below on the left) or straight into my Digi001. The BRC doesn't get much use these days. I have only one, black faced ADAT. Monitors are old Tannoy's but I know how they sound and how to mix on them. There's a Carver amp below decks to drive them.

A wider view of the TLP studio.

The studio was built inside one room of a 100 year old carriage house locate in the center of Lake Odessa, MI

It's a magical place. A lot of happy accidents and cool stuff happens in here.

The desk on the right used to be my video editing desk. Back when I had tape to tape editing controllers, hardware based video switches, keyers and who knows what, I needed a second area for video. Now one computer handles it all. Boy what I could do today with the money I spent on all of that hardware!

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